Detection and distance measuring company Symeo increase revenue by 80 percent

Symeo, contactless position detection and distance measuring solution supplier for industrial use, has grown their revenues by more than 80 per cent in fiscal year 2009. Despite the global economic crisis, the company won many international projects and succeeded in expanding its cooperation and sales network, which had a positive affect on sales figures. Symeo also scored major successes in development. The company's engineers succeeded in improving the measuring accuracy of Symeo's Local Positioning Radar (LPR) with the help of new high frequency solutions and in virtually cutting in half the cost of entry into radio based distance measuring and anti-collision. This growth strategy helped Symeo defy the negative general business trend in their main sales markets of logistics applications in ports, railway terminals, steel works, and on all types of cranes.

With a revenue growth of 80 percent, Symeo has closed their 2009 fiscal year with exceeding success, developing new markets, sales channels, and partnerships on an international scale. New products and solution offerings in the field of LPR radio sensor systems for distance measuring and position detection ranked high in helping Symeo open up new sales opportunities for themselves and their partners.

New products and sales channels in growth markets

"In many cases, consistent refinement of cost-effective anti-collision sensors and improving the measuring accuracy of our LPR products for automation applications has enabled us to replace optical and electromechanical components, common until now but failure-prone and heavy in maintenance, by state-of-the-art radio based solutions. Apart from our project business, our sensor component distribution business has also developed particularly favourably", states Dirk Brunnengräber, Symeo's CEO and co-founder, explaining the reasons for the revenue growth.

Cooperations make for strong product related business growth

New partners such as Lotus Wireless Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. helped continue expanding Symeo's distribution network in Asia, South America, and Europe, for instance. Apart from large projects for steel works in Brazil and the U.S.A., Symeo succeeded in winning international cooperation and integration partners such as the world's leading supplier of Container Terminal Operating Systems, Zebra Enterprise Solutions. In this context, Symeo supplies LPR and combined LPR/DGPS solutions as position detection sensor systems for cranes and transport vehicles. Additional customised recording of operating states of transport equipment rounds off the scope of this agreement. Another, comparable partnership is focussed on the area of metal production and working. Cooperating with PSI Metals, a global leader in providing production management solutions to the metal industry, helps position Symeo sensor systems on this market the world over. Dirk Brunnengräber offers a perspective on the company's business strategy for 2010/2011: "We see these industry-related alliances as key to the worldwide employment of our LPR products and as a way to help us continue to focus on our core competencies of developing and providing high-quality, robust sensor solutions for industrial use."