Connectivity: Toyota builds on experience of over 50,000 smart trucks in operation

toyota material handling
toyota material handling

THINK : LIKE : TOYOTA is the theme for Toyota Material Handling at CeMAT 2018 (booth P32). Toyota will be sharing its approach to lean logistics based on the Toyota Production System, including the latest developments in connectivity, featuring the I_Site truck management system.

Toyota first launched the I_Site telematics platform ten years ago, creating the concept of a smart truck that reports performance data and activity levels, and allows effective management control of truck operations. Over the past decade the number of machines using the system has increased to over 50,000, which makes it one of the market's leading platforms for the connectivity of vehicles.

Users have reported significant benefits through the measurement and monitoring of truck operations, notably reducing accidents and damages through improved driver control and incident reporting. This also has a positive impact on safety in operations. Other benefits include improved battery management and truck utilisation levels.

The latest developments with the I_Site system will be presented at CeMAT 2018. These new features include the ability to measure and record the number of journeys undertaken with or without loads, which will further increase the management of truck usage levels - a critical factor for most operators. Toyota's lean logistics concept aims to ensure minimum downtime and maximum productivity through more efficient truck utilisation, and this latest feature directly supports this goal.

Other new features relate to service operations, with a service request feature that allows operators to instantly report a problem and attach supporting images. Toyota will also be announcing a new mobile service platform that will be used by all service technicians, allowing truck data from I_Site to be integrated with service planning to allow advanced pre-visit preparation and flash servicing, helping reduce downtime to the lowest possible levels.

The latest version of I_Site also includes a new user interface for both mobile and web-based versions of the platform.

CeMAT is taking place between 23 and 27 April at the Hannover fairground, Germany. Toyota Material Handling Europe will exhibit at its normal high-profile location at pavilion P32.