CILT UK unveils 'Professionalising the Profession' strategy

Professionalising the Profession
Professionalising the Profession

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK) has published an institute strategy aimed at Professionalising the Profession.

Developed by CILT UK's Board of Trustees in partnership with stakeholders, CILT's vision is to recognise and celebrate the quality, expertise and value of the transport, logistics, and supply chain profession.

The strategy underlines the institute's charitable objectives, goals, and methods of delivery on how to strengthen the future capability of the sector.

A core emphasis is placed on collaborating to build strong, beneficial relationships while shaping and delivering professional development products and services. The institute also aims to share insights to amplify its impact across the sector.

Embedded within the strategy is CILT UK's transformational plan, highlighting the short, medium and long-term initiatives the institute expects to deliver over the coming years.

It outlines how CILT(UK) will drive educational excellence, best practices and continuing professional development to upskill the current and next generation of supply chain, transport and logistics professionals.

Fostering greater collaboration with industry, government and educational bodies is also prioritised to nurture talent and boost the profession's influence.

Vikram Singla, CILT UK Chair, said: “At CILT(UK), our mission is to elevate the logistics, transport and supply chain professions, ensuring its value is recognised and celebrated by society at large and is viewed as a profession of choice for the next generation.

“Our strategic direction over the coming years will strengthen and grow the Institute, enabling CILT(UK) to deliver on its core charitable objectives.

“Together we strive for the continuing advancement of logistics, transport and supply chain operations; ensuring the sector can meet future challenges and opportunities and for the benefit of society in general."

Paul Adams, CILT UK CEO said: “Our new strategic direction aims to provide concrete value to our members' careers and the wider logistics, transport and supply chain profession. Ongoing professional development and shared standards of competency must be at the front and centre of all our efforts.

“This new strategy to Professionalise the Profession introduces key methods of how we will deliver an informed, inclusive and influential approach towards our overall goal of strengthening the future capability of the sector.”

To read the strategy in full please click here.