Carrier Transicolds solid support secures Solstor contract

Carrier Transicold has secured an order for 60 Vector 1850 units from pan-European transport and freight specialist Solstor UK Ltd. The units will be a mixture of single and multi-temperature configurations and will join Solstor's road fleet which is now exclusively Vector.

All of the units are under Carrier Transicold's Golden Cold® maintenance contract, covering both the UK and Europe. The after-sales service Carrier Transicold provides was a crucial element in securing this order.

"There are many suppliers and manufacturers who promise to deliver and can quote impressive-sounding targets, but what has particularly impressed us with Carrier has been its ability to demonstrate that its people are working hard to do what they say they will," explained Ian Porter, transport manager at Solstor's headquarters in Crayford, Kent.

Porter and his staff are able to track contract performance online and in real time whilst viewing key performance indicators such as service performance, breakdown response times, unit availability levels as well as accessing scanned documentation via Carrier Transicold's MyFleet Web tool, which is unique to the industry.

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"Solstor is a family-owned business which has always sought to meet and exceed its customer's expectations," added Porter. "The high level of service support, coupled with the ability to instantly access such important data allowing us to ensure that we provide the best service to our own customers, was a major factor in our decision to purchase Carrier units," he added.

Carrier Transicold is particularly pleased to have won this business and expand its existing relationship with Solstor: "We realise that when we are supplying a service to companies like Solstor, we are helping them deliver on their promise to their own customers," said Scott Dargan, Carrier Transicold's operations director. "In today's economic climate that has never been more important.

"By purchasing more of our units, Solstor has demonstrated a faith in our ability to deliver and that is an endorsement we are particularly proud of as it reinforces all the hard work ourselves and our Network Partners place on product support" he ended.