Bis Henderson and Prologis UK launch ‘flexible storage’ initiative

Supply chain and logistics specialist, Bis Henderson Space, has joined forces with leading logistics property company, Prologis UK, to pilot an innovative, flexible warehouse model aimed at meeting the needs of businesses with agile additional storage requirements.

A new 335,000 sq. ft. facility will be available on a flexible, pallet-by-pallet basis at Prologis Park, Wellingborough West in Northamptonshire – a region regarded as the backbone of Britain’s logistics and warehousing infrastructure.

The initiative will be attractive to businesses of all sizes that require additional storage space to secure growth or to provide greater flexibility at peak. The new model allows businesses to de-risk their operating model by hiring space only as and when they need it – avoiding the commitment and constraints of a long-term leasing agreement.

Bis Henderson will be using its deep sector knowledge and its extensive list of corporate contacts to promote the scheme and manage leasing arrangements.

Andy Kaye, CEO at Bis Henderson, said: “This is an exciting concept that is already attracting a significant amount of attention from existing and prospective customers, particularly those with storage requirements in the Midlands region. While we want to remain adaptable to our customers’ needs, we are expecting to provide flexible and agile solutions, costed on a pallet-by-pallet basis.

“The traditional warehouse leasing model typically extends for five years plus and will remain popular for customers with ongoing storage requirements and for those running contract logistics, due to the competitive pricing that can be achieved. However, some businesses are looking for greater convenience and the ability to lease space on a pallet-by-pallet basis and for shorter time periods.”

Robin Woodbridge, Head of Capital Deployment at Prologis UK, said: “We’re very pleased to be partnering with Bis Henderson on this initiative. For a long time, our customers have asked for greater flexibility to better handle unexpected peaks in storage needs. This new concept addresses that request and seeks to facilitate our customers’ growth.”

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