Automated material handling systems manufacturer Crisplant awarded contract for mail processing in Turkey

Key facts

First Automatic tray handling system for mail processing in Turkey

Dual-function system from a single LS 4000CB Cross-belt sorter:

Distributes incoming mail trays to different mail sorting areas

Sorts processed mail tray to final destination

Industry's most energy-efficient sorter cuts energy consumption by 75% compared to conventional sorters

High level of security and compliance with European standards

Future expansion plans integrated into the original design

Crisplant - a global leader in automated material handling systems - has been awarded a contract by the General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organisation (PTT) to install Turkey's first Automatic tray handling system for mail processing. Installed at PTT's postal sorting centre at Hadimkoy, near Istanbul, the system will use the industry's most energy-efficient 'green' sorter, which reduces energy consumption by 75% compared to conventional sorters.

Working in partnership with Systec Sistem Teknolojileri A.Ş - a local provider of smart card and mail systems - Crisplant will install a complete automatic tray-handling system designed to increase security, efficiency, ergonomics and to provide a safe working environment for PTT staff. The extensive installation, which processes trays with mail bags as well as mail carton boxes, will set a new benchmark for mail-processing automation and energy-efficiency in Turkey.

At the heart of the system is the latest Crisplant, high-speed, high-accuracy LS-4000CB Cross Belt Sorter, which will sort incoming and secured items and distribute them to the appropriate mail sorting areas. Once the mail sorting is complete, mail trays and boxes will be reintroduced onto the sorter for dispatch to their final destination. The complete installation will be managed by Crisplant's high-level control software which ensures an optimum process flow, as well as providing a high level of ergonomic efficiency.

The automated mail-processing system is due to be handed over by the end of 2010. Initially, the system will handle more than 6,000 trays per hour, with a further expansion to 8,000 trays per hour planned to meet predicted future increases in demand.

The contract from PTT reinforces Crisplant's status as a leading global supplier of advanced mail and parcel-handling systems. Crisplant's Director, Logistic Systems, Henrik Mortensen, explains; "As one of the first companies to introduce tray-handling systems to the European market, Crisplant has designed and installed some of the world's most innovative postal systems. These include the Mail Centre in Vienna (BZO Wien), which is recognised as state-of-the-art in mail-handling efficiency and visited by staff from mail centres around the world. Crisplant has also installed versions of the tray-handling system in seven Royal Mail sites in the UK and several large-scale centres in the North America."