ABB offers New lightweight robot untilising TrueMove and QuickMove technology

ABB has launched its most compact multipurpose robot offering new levels of accuracy even at high speeds. Weighing just 400kg, the fourth-generation IRB 4600 features ABB's QuickMove and TrueMove path technology as standard. Based on sophisticated control algorithms, this technology enables the IRB 4600 to achieve improved path performance of up to 50 per cent whilst typically reducing cycle times by as much as 30 per cent.

The use of ABB's TrueMove and QuickMove technology allows the new robot to offer consistent path accuracy even at high speeds. TrueMove checks path accuracy by constantly comparing actual and programmed path positions. QuickMove minimises cycle time by automatically optimising acceleration to match the process conditions.

The consistency ensured by the technology also eliminates the need for trimming or fixing to maintain a set path, making the IRB 4600 ideal for applications demanding high accuracy such as gluing or sealing.

As well as ensuring consistent path accuracy, TrueMove and QuickMove also eliminate the need for 'path tuning' to cope with changes in speed. This is particularly beneficial for cutting and dispensing applications, when speeds and orientations often have to be fine-tuned at the start of production in order to achieve the optimum quality process.

The IRB 4600 has been designed to offer a compact and lightweight robot suitable for installation in the widest possible range of locations. New weight-saving features include an aluminium upper arm and the removal of the robot's parallel rod. Together, these features make the IRB 4600 ideal for use in confined areas or as part of multi-robot manufacturing cells, with installation possible in inverted, floor mounted, tilted or shelf-mounted configurations.

The removal of the parallel rod also allows the IRB 4600 to bend backwards, opening up a new range of operating possibilities.

The IRB 4600 is available in four versions. Two short arm versions provide a reach of 2.05 metres for 45-60kg payloads, whilst two long arm versions provide a reach of either 2.5 metres or 2.55 metres for payloads of 40kg or 20kg.

The IRB 4600 suitability for manufacturing applications has been widely tested, including under harsh foundry conditions. To maximise the IRB 4600's utility, ABB will be working with its partners to create dress packs for material handling, machine tending and arc welding.

The IRB 4600 is the first in ABB's new fourth generation multipurpose robot range. To find out how your company could benefit, email or call 01908 350300.