5 ways weather-resistant packaging protects your goods during transit

Weather-resistant paper packaging steers businesses towards reaching their sustainability goals
Weather-resistant paper packaging steers businesses towards reaching their sustainability goals

With 60% of businesses in the UK currently facing supply chain issues (Barclay’s), many are struggling to provide a perfect service to customers. Damage to goods during transportation or storage is one of the main customer pain points, a problem that can lead to a host of issues for consumers and businesses alike.

When goods arrive damaged - which often stems from unwanted moisture, humidity, and unexpected weather conditions - customers are left disappointed and unsatisfied.

This can give them a negative opinion of the product, and, with 31% of UK shoppers prioritising quality when they shop (American Express), it could be all it takes to send them running towards a competitor.

Damaged goods often result in product returns, leading to inconvenience for the consumer and additional costs for your business as a result of sending out a replacement.

With truly fit-for-purpose weather-resistant paper packaging, it’s possible to mitigate these risks and both businesses and consumers can reap the rewards of properly protected products. In this blog post, we explore 5 ways weather-resistant packaging can protect your goods.

1. Moisture protection and damp resistance

Weather-resistant paper packaging is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, keeping goods safe from moisture damage. These types of parcel boxes provide a protective barrier against rain, humidity and wet conditions that occur during transportation and storage, as well as helping to prevent mould from forming.

By keeping goods protected from moisture, weather-resistant paper packaging ensures products remain in the condition they were packed as they move through the supply chain - come rain or shine. This reduces customer returns and the cost of replacing items whilst also boosting brand reputation. It also gives customers a better experience with your business that they’ll remember for all the right reasons.

2. Durable door delivery boxes

Thanks to their durability and sturdiness, weather-resistant postal boxes protect goods against a range of external elements. This keeps goods safe and secure during transit. Durable packaging means a reduced risk of the packaging tearing, puncturing or being subject to any other physical damage, which could harm or even destroy what’s inside.

From rough handling during shipping, clumsy deliveries or exposure to unexpected weather conditions, weather-resistant delivery packaging preserves the quality and appearance of goods. Not only does this keep products safe at all times, but it provides peace of mind for businesses in knowing that goods have the protection they need to get from A to B in one piece.

This is also crucial for the all-important unboxing experience, making sure that customers receive their goods as intended. After all, a good unboxing experience can lead to positive reviews, repeat purchases and recommendations. With 55% of smartphone shoppers purchasing a product after seeing it on social media (Modern Retail), good reviews are worth their weight in gold.

3. Extending the shelf life of goods

As well as protecting goods against moisture and humidity, weather-resistant cardboard boxes play a key role in preserving the freshness and quality of fresh produce. By creating a protective barrier, the packaging shields fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items from external factors. Weather-resistant paper packaging helps maintain the correct storage conditions, preventing goods from spoiling sooner than they should.

This means that produce will remain fresh and visually appealing for as long as possible, reaching consumers in perfect condition. Not only does weather-resistant packaging extend the shelf life of goods, but it also boosts customer satisfaction when produce arrives looking good enough to eat.

See how, with the adoption of planet-friendly weather-resistant produce trays, Ireland’s leading herb and leaf grower, McCormack Family Farms, cemented their dedication to sustainability, elevated their brand image and enhanced their reputation here.

4. Flawless unboxing experience

The unboxing experience significantly impacts how customers view a brand, and whether they’re likely to buy from them again. After all, it’s very disappointing to receive an order, only to find that the goods have been damaged by rain or humidity en route. By using water-resistant coated packaging boxes, you can give customers the confidence that their purchase will arrive in the condition they expect.

A positive unboxing experience encourages customers to trust the brand and remain loyal. Building trust is key, as 88% of consumers who trust a brand will buy again (Deloitte Global) - and it also ensures that every unboxing experience is flawless, something many customers are likely to share with friends, family and online. 87% of people use social platforms when they make a shopping decision (Modern Retail), and someone else’s shared unboxing experience could be enough to sway them into making a purchase themselves.

5. Shipping cardboard boxes for every sector

Weather-resistant packaging is extremely versatile and is a solution that works well across various sectors and industries. In the food and beverage industry, weather-resistant paper packaging ensures perishable items remain in optimal condition during shipping. In horticulture, packaging protects plants and flowers from wet weather, preserving their freshness and visual appeal until they reach the customer.

For eCommerce businesses, many of which ship goods worldwide, weather-resistant packaging helps goods to cross continents undamaged. Even when travelling vast distances and experiencing unexpected conditions, this type of packaging protects products, whatever the weather.

Packaging for products and the planet

With 64% of consumers more likely to buy from retailers with sustainable packaging and 50% willing to pay more for it (Drapers), businesses must focus on mitigating their impact on the planet. Weather-resistant paper packaging is an eco-friendly and recyclable solution and, by choosing planet-friendly packaging solutions, businesses can minimise the environmental impact of delivery packaging and reduce waste associated with other forms of packaging.

As we’ve explored, weather-resistant paper packaging steers businesses towards reaching their sustainability goals whilst protecting goods, whether being sent around the corner or across the world. This benefits the environment and resonates with eco-conscious customers who prioritise sustainability and ‘green’ brands when making a purchase.