HIPPO fleet bags savings with UK Fuels

Waste management company HIPPO has reduced its fleet operating costs
Waste management company HIPPO has reduced its fleet operating costs

Waste management company HIPPO has reduced its fleet operating costs with the introduction of fuel cards from UK Fuels. HIPPO is the company behind the innovative HIPPOBAG waste removal service with a fleet of over 60 vehicles that collect bags of waste nationwide. After switching fuel card providers to UK Fuels, HIPPO saved around £30,000 in the first year through price discounts alone.

Nationwide, HIPPO operates a fleet of 26 tonne vehicles for collection of HIPPOBAGs for disposal and recycling at Waste Transfer Stations. Providing waste solutions for every situation, HIPPO also offers conventional skip services and ‘man with a van’ services.

HIPPO was founded in 2002 with the goal to provide a flexible rubbish removal alternative to the cumbersome metal skips through the innovation of HIPPOBAGs. HIPPO is the No.1 skip bag company in the UK with its distinctive yellow bags widely available for consumers at DIY retail stores, online at hippowaste.co.uk and via app. HIPPO also has an unrivalled reputation as a provider of bespoke waste solutions to thousands of businesses nationwide.

HIPPO’s rapid growth meant that HIPPO made the proactive decision to review fleet management to source innovative solutions for the operational and financial challenges it faced, including fuel purchasing and refilling.

“One of the main appeals of UK Fuels is their extensive network. We had used fuel cards from another provider before, but as we expanded nationwide we realised there were just not enough sites, especially in rural areas,” says Gail Clayton, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Manager, HIPPO. “UK Fuels’ cards are accepted just about everywhere, providing exceptional convenience. We are certainly saving a lot in unnecessary miles - it’s just easier, more efficient and makes filling-up worry free for all our drivers.

“The switch to UK Fuels gave us an immediate annual saving of £30,000 through price discounts in the first year. Despite the significant increase in fuel prices, we are consistently assured that UK Fuels are continuing to provide the most competitive prices available.”

HIPPO uses the UK Fuels’ Velocity platform which is an easy-to-access online reporting portal identifying every single fuel purchase along with other key operational data.

“The price discounts are just one part of the potential fleet operating savings we can achieve using UK Fuels. The online reports allow us to analyse fuel costs alongside data on specific vehicles, mileage, region, type of service and the individual driver,” Clayton explains.

As a waste management company, HIPPO has a strong commitment to looking after the environment and reducing mileage so saving fuel is an important objective for management. Optimising transport is key and as well as useful management information, HIPPO has real-time visibility of the fleet and uses e-Route, an app that maps all filling stations that accept UK Fuels’ cards which allows drivers to be directed to the most convenient site.

“UK Fuels gives us insight and more control of our costs and making fuel go further has a direct impact on our carbon footprint,” says Clayton “and the initial transition to UK Fuels was much easier than we expected with brilliant phone support. Someone always has an immediate answer to any questions and their team has been superb.”

HIPPO also values the fact that UK Fuels’ parent company, Radius, also offers a range of other services. HIPPO has already switched to Radius for telecoms services and is considering telematics from Radius which is especially appealing allowing vehicle tracking data to be automatically recorded on ‘Velocity’ - the same online portal that records the fuel purchase data.