Tridents new in vehicle printer Printex 812 is easy to install and integrate

A new mobile printer/plotter from Trident offers a host of new features to simplify in-vehicle installation, and offer easier integration into mobile computing systems. The 812 from Printrex is currently used in a variety of rugged mobile applications such as emergency services vehicles, railroad locomotives and commercial jet aircraft.

The printer connects directly to an in-vehicle 12V or 24V power system, without the need for any additional power conditioning or protection. To minimise load on the vehicle battery, the printer goes into a low power 'suspend' mode during inactive periods, reducing power consumption to just 100mW. The printer returns automatically to active mode when printing is initiated.

The redesigned housing of the 812 maintains the rugged construction for which Printrex has been known since it launched its first mobile printer in 1992, yet gives a more attractive appearance as well as a lower cost. The new housing is very easy to mount on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Mounting options include rubber feet for desk use, shock mounts for a fixed horizontal installation, or the printer can be attached to a horizontal or vertical bulkhead via a quick release adaptor plate. The printer is compliant with all the major applicable standards and EMC regulations, and carries an e-mark according to Automotive Directive 2006/28/EC.

The Printrex 812 from Trident integrates easily with the current generation of mobile computing platforms. It features USB as well as parallel printer ports, and is supplied with Vista as well as Windows 2000 and XP printer drivers. Print speed is normally 1 inch per second (25 mm/s), though this is reduced automatically if the input voltage drops below 12V and at low temperatures to maintain print quality. Print density is 8 dots/mm horizontally and vertically.

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