Sparck Technologies is the ‘right-fit’ for IntraLogisteX

Sparck Technologies is the ‘right-fit’ for IntraLogisteX
Sparck Technologies is the ‘right-fit’ for IntraLogisteX

Ecommerce businesses keen to cut packaging costs and increase capacity should visit the Sparck Technologies stand (410) at this year’s IntraLogisteX show, 19th – 20th March, NEC Birmingham.

Sparck’s ‘Right-size’ packaging technology is transforming ecommerce fulfilment, allowing fast, automated production of tailor-made boxes for each and every ecommerce order – whether that order consists of single or multiple items.

With the capability to tailor-make up to 1,100 packages per hour, for multiple or single item orders, Sparck Technologies’ CVP Everest and CVP Impack automated packaging systems use advanced 3D scanning technology to optimally size, create and label each parcel in one seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50%, cutting cardboard usage by 30% and eliminating the need for void fill.

One machine can replace up to 20 packaging desks, enabling businesses to grow sustainably and meet demand, even in a tight labour market. In fact, leading ecommerce and logistics services companies across Europe, the US and Canada are using Sparck Technologies’ fit-to-size automation to address the industry-wide problem of oversized packaging. Creating parcels that are just the right size allows for more packages to be carried in one trailer, cutting down on shipping air, which helps to reduce transport costs and improve environmental performance.

A new technological advance to be announced at the show will be Sparck’s Auto-Infeed system which allows ecommerce businesses to boost order throughput with reduced dependency on labour. The ground-breaking innovation closes the gap between order picking and packaging, providing reliable and consistent automatic induction of correctly aligned single items into Sparck’s CVP ‘right-size’ packaging machines.

Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager for Sparck Technologies in the UK, says: “A great many ecommerce businesses are still wasting time, money and labour using outdated manual packing processes. And yet, labour is tight and peaks are increasingly difficult to predict, leaving little room for error. Automated right-sized boxing technology gives ecommerce companies the capacity and flexibility needed to hit peak without the stress of finding available labour and the right size of box. Taking a stand at IntraLogisteX gives us a great opportunity to show businesses what can be achieved with ‘right-size’ boxing technology.”

Find out more about Sparck Technologies’ revolutionary fit-to-size automated packaging solutions on stand 410 and see how our customers have managed to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and manage peak volumes, as well as achieving an impressive ROI.

Sparck Technologies look forward to seeing you at stand 410.

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