Pallet racking and shelving company PSS introduces S90 shelving system

Fulfilling it's undertaking to provide distributors with an ever greater selection of shelving products, PSS has launched S90, a flexible, industrial range specifically created for small parts storage and manual order picking. Ideal for trade, production and distribution, S90 is strong and stable and quick and easy to assemble. The shelving is based on a range of painted metal uprights, bracing and a range of shelf sizes, plus pre-galvanised cladding, making it suitable for most situations.

Manufactured from high quality cold rolled sheet steel and then powder coated in contrasting shades of grey, the S90 Shelving is durable, smart looking. Made on fully automated production lines, the products have high measurement tolerances, therefore allowing for accurate installation. In addition, the S90's shelf fronts are boxed rolled thereby eliminating any exposed sharp edges.

The availability of narrow shelves means that small items can be easily stored at the front of shelves for easy identification and picking. Variable shelf heights are available by pitches of 46mm, providing highly variable shelf heights. Identification can be further enhanced with the addition of shelf dividers, which are available to keep items separated and easy to find.

Available in a choice of three heights from 2m to 2.5m and frame depths ranging from 300 to 600mm, PSS's S90 Shelving comes in two shelf lengths, 1000mm and 1290mm. The system is suitable for maximum shelf loads of between 150kg and 200kg and load bay capacities of 750kg to 1000kg.

The launch of the S90 Shelving System is part of PSS's ongoing commitment to provide a first-rate service to its distribution network. A leading UK supplier of racking and shelving, and part of the world-renowned Constructor Group, PSS manufactures a core range of racking and shelving systems including a unique garment hanging system. These can be used in single or multi-tier installations and coupled with mezzanine floors, live storage or satellite racking.