Oast Agencies establish a partnership with China based BLD Logistics

Oast Agencies is enjoying a significant upturn in its trade with China following the establishment of a partnership with China based BLD Logistics. The new relationship allows Oast to provide its customers with an end to end logistics solution for the management of goods to and from China.

Its alliance with BLD Logistics has enabled Oast Agencies to enhance its portfolio of services in China. These now include order chasing, shipment consolidation, track & trace, customs and freight management door to door as well as storage and distribution. Cross trade shipments are a growing requirement and the additional ability to offer quality control activities, are proving particularly valuable to some customers that may find Chinese quality and order fulfilment to be an issue.

In current conditions where costs and resources are an increasing challenge, the Oast Agencies BLD partnership is providing increasingly attractive solutions, says Clive Broadley, Managing Director of Oast Agencies. "Companies place an order and we manage the rest, keeping them informed of progress at all stages of their cargo movement".

Oast Agencies extensive international experience and know-how together with BLD Logistics' deep understanding of Chinese infrastructure, business practice, and their cover of all key Chinese ports and industrialised zones, offers customers a truly joined-up logistics solution from manufacturer right through to customer.

"Although China is not immune from the effects of the worldwide economic climate, the country's economy grew by 9% in 2008 and is predicted grow by 8% during 2009", said Clive Broadley. "China remains a most important trade and investment market for us and we are determined to develop every opportunity", he concluded.

An integral part of the Meachers Group since 1980, Oast Agencies is one of the major freight forwarding companies in the Port of Southampton. Also located in Derby, the company provides a wide range of services to meet the growing demands of the UK's importers and exporters. These not only include the traditional inter-modal forwarding, covering both imports and exports, but also offer comprehensive consultancy and practical support on all aspects of Customs regimes, security, payments, documentation and training.