Micheldever Tyre Services take delivery of Montracon curtainsiders

Just a year or so ago, Micheldever Tyre Services departed from its policy of buying only used and bought its first new trailers - two stepframe Montracon curtainsiders. This year the company has already taken delivery of 16 new Montracons - 15 sliding bogie skellies and one boxvan, with a further 25 stepframe curtainsiders on their way.

A mix of replacements and additions, the curtainsiders are progressively entering front line service with Micheldever, the UK's largest car and van tyre wholesaler. They will operate throughout the UK distributing tyres to the company's 12 wholesale warehouses and 49 Protyre retail sites, moving over 6 million tyres per year.

The skellies handle the collection of imported tyres from the docks to the company's Direct Import Distribution Centre in Kettering and their main distribution hubs at Halifax and Winchester.