Look closer at efficient fleet management

Look closer at efficient fleet management
Look closer at efficient fleet management

Taking a closer look at the breadth of fleet management responsibilities can be daunting. The role requires understanding the business strategy and knowing how a vehicle fleet can best contribute to meeting objectives, in the long, medium and short terms. It demands expertise across a spectrum that can range from automotive mechanics to health and safety legislation.

Vehicles have to be sourced and kept on the road cost-effectively. Running the fleet efficiently might start with keeping down the costs, but does not begin and end with finding low-cost fuel, tyres and other consumables. It involves everything from maintenance scheduling to route planning. Drivers have to be checked and, where necessary, trained or re-trained.

Every aspect of running the fleet has to be monitored, from mileages to exhaust emissions, from fuel consumption to the cost of repairs. Above all else, the fleet manager must understand and track compliance with a host of legislation and standards. At the most elementary level, this means being certain that drivers are familiar with and obey all 300+ rules in the Highway Code.

More strategically, the fleet must meet stringent duty of care obligations. If any of the fleet’s vehicles is involved in an accident, regardless of the immediate cause, subsequent investigation may find the organisation at least partially responsible. Any finding of duty of care neglect by the fleet manager is likely to bring serious consequences for the organisation.

No individual fleet manager can be expected to be expert in every facet of the role. Part of the job is knowing where to go for reliable information and assistance. As many fleet managers can testify, the specialists who help with reducing and controlling fuel costs can also provide invaluable support in other areas.

Take a closer look at our comprehensive range of cost- and time-saving fleet management services. Begin with monitoring and controlling your fleet emissions. Improve your duty of care compliance, reducing the risk of costly, time-consuming accidents. Address the continuing cost of vehicle service and repairs. Improve efficiency in everything from fuel consumption to licence checking, from documentation to whole-life costing. Do it all with the help of the experts who also cut your fuel bills.

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