Kwik Fit Mobile to implement Telematics Technology from Cybit

Will boost Duty of Care and customer service provision in fast growing corporate servicing division

Cybit, the UK's leading online Telematics Service Provider, has been selected to provide Kwik Fit Mobile's 200 tyre-fitting vehicles with web-based fleet tracking to manage growth in the corporate fleet mobile service sector.

The solution will enable Kwik Fit Mobile to manage and analyse mobile worker performance, enhance the organisation's employee duty of care provisions and provide a range of customer service enhancements to build on Kwik Fit's fast growing corporate servicing division.

Mobile Servicing for Corporate Fleets

Simon Lucas, Operations Director for Kwik Fit Mobile says: "The implementation of Cybit's Fleetstar Telematics system follows a period of strong growth as companies invest in more robust occupational road risk management procedures. The serviceability of customers' wholly owned and grey fleet has become paramount due to recent legislation and the lengthening of fleet replacement cycles. Our mobile service provides customers with the ability to react swiftly to servicing requirements and planned inspections without taking their vehicles off the road."

"We will be using the system to manage the allocation of our mobile workforce ensuring that we allocate the closest and most appropriate resource to a customers premises. We will be protecting our employees by dynamically monitoring their driving times, speed and behaviour."

Cost Reduction & Mobile Workforce Productivity

"ROI will be measured in terms of workforce productivity and fuel cost reduction," continued Simon Lucas. "Our sector is increasingly competitive, our challenge is to maintain competitive advantage by seeking to reduce costs, improve efficiency and at the same time provide innovative customer service. The range of operational and management tools provided by Cybit's vehicle tracking system will assist us in managing all of this."

Simon Lucas continued: "We found Cybit to be holistic in its approach, which enabled us to address many, if not all, of our concerns around customer service, overhead, managing growth, health & safety and our fleet's Carbon Footprint. The solution will impact all across our mobile business."

The installation on Kwik Fit Mobile's tyre-fitting vehicles follows an extensive trial within its Fleet Auditors team.

John Wisdom, Sales & Marketing Director for Cybit says that Fleetstar-Online's modular approach provided Kwik Fit with the confidence that the solution can grow alongside use. "We are delighted to be working with one of the most prominent brands in the commercial vehicle servicing market to bring significant benefits to its customers in terms of response times and scheduling."

"The use of Cybit's fleet tracking and vehicle data technology to provide real-time vision of the fleet away from base will also provide the capability to underpin strategic business decisions. Kwik Fit Mobile can reduce cost from its fleet in a range of areas, including fuel spend, process and preventative maintenance," John Wisdom continued.

Cybit's Fleetstar-Online works via an unobtrusive GPS device located inside the vehicle that provides real-time positioning information, which is transmitted via O2's GPRS network to Cybit's servers. This data is processed into a broad spectrum of user defined and configurable reports, providing real-time fleet visualisation or historical analysis. The system can be accessed from any web-connected PC.

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