Exide Technologies supply SP high frequency chargers at LEGOLAND Windsor

Exide Technologies has been the power behind the popular self-drive boats at LEGOLAND Windsor for many years. Exide's monobloc batteries - the type commonly found in cars, golf caddies and cleaning machines - have been used to provide reliable quiet power for the 30 boats at 'The Boating School' for 14 years. Now, a series of SP high frequency chargers from Exide have been installed to get the best from the batteries and to reduce charging costs.

Steve Hainge, Ride Maintenance Manager at LEGOLAND Windsor comments. "It's not just children that ride in the boats; we will often have 2 adults and a child in a boat and the boat can be in use for 10-hours a day - so we have to be sure that the batteries are able to cope. The lead acid technology has not changed ostensibly for over 150 years - mainly because it is proven and reliable; improvements have actually come from the chargers. The 2100 range of high frequency (HF) battery chargers, are considerably lighter and smaller than conventional chargers and unlike traditional 'tapered' chargers, which give a burst of current, which reduces over time, the HF chargers continually monitor the output/input to regulate the charge to an optimal level."

Steve continues, "High Frequency chargers are also far more reliable. They can withstand fluctuations in current and voltage far more effectively. This feature both protects the battery and the charger circuitry. The 2100 SP HF technology can also provide considerable financial savings due to improved power conversion, resulting in shorter charging times and lower energy costs - a positive step in helping LEGOLAND Windsor reduce its carbon emissions.