Daniels Group Implements Strategic Cost Reduction with Cybit Fleet Tracking

Informs top level business decisions and Carbon Footprint initiative

Enables better management of refrigerated vehicle fleet.

Cybit, the UK's leading online Telematics Service Provider, has announced a strategic implementation of its Fleetstar-Online solution for food manufacturer Daniels Group, whose brands include Johnsons, Farmhouse Fare and the famous New Covent Garden Food Company.

The deployment of Cybit's web-delivered fleet tracking and management software into all vehicles - refrigerated artics and trailers - will enable strategic business decisions to be made on cost, support initiatives around customer service and enable Carbon Footprint measurement.

Daniels Group operates its fleet across the UK, with each vehicle making between five and 15 drops each day. The company will now, for the first time, import scheduling information into its telematics system, to measure planned vs actual performance in real-time.

Daniels Group will also use Cybit's technology to report on a number of operational matrices around vehicle productivity and remotely monitor its Carrier and Thermo King refrigeration equipment.

"We wanted to replace our existing tracking system with a proven telematics solution that took us to the next stage of visibility for business-critical information," commented James Cranfield, Group Distribution Manager, Daniels Group. "We can now see vehicle activity more clearly, link drivers and their vehicles automatically and have a level of analysis that we didn't have before. We will even be able to get intelligence on the trailers and refrigerated units, including monitoring refrigeration equipment and usage while the vehicle is empty."

"Getting the right information so that we can support top-level business decisions was critical. We need to be able to analyse the fleet activity on top of individual vehicles and the advanced reporting of Cybit's system enables us to do this. We are also committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint and Fleetstar will give us the data to support this initiative," James Cranfield continued.

"Organisations have cost strategies as their number one focus right now," commented John Wisdom, Sales and Marketing Director, Cybit. "We're in a slow growth economy, fuel costs have just been increased in the Budget and the re-instatement of fuel escalators will see prices return to levels not seen since 2000 by the summer of 2010. All businesses are looking at how they can get more from their existing resources - and telematics provides the answer. The data can inform meaningful business strategies on cost, as well as support other initiatives, such as reduction of Carbon Footprint."

Additional information is available at www.cybit.co.uk