Culina drivers prove they really are in "top gear"

Culina drivers prove they really are in
Culina drivers prove they really are in "top gear"

Maintaining its position as one of the UK’s most highly regarded transport and logistics operators, food and drink specialists Culina have just announced some startling driver performance statistics.

Seventy eight Culina drivers, representing almost 10% of the company’s driver workforce have been recognised for completing a full calendar year without a single Tachograph infringement to their name.

“This announcement is a real testimony to our driver professionalism”, commented Pip Bains - Culina Group Fleet Compliance Manager,

“At Culina we are very particular about driver recruitment. Despite the major current challenges in this area in the UK, we at Culina are able to recruit the best”

“We pay well, we provide great fleet and driver conditions, and it’s made really clear to our drivers that they are an absolutely key component of our company.  Culina stand or fall by the quality of the drivers we recruit and train”

“Culina recognises what a fantastic achievement this is and is proud to display the drivers name prominently at their home depots. Only drivers that had driven for 100 days and over were eligible for analysis and each received a performance bonus of £100.00.”

This unique level of driver professionalism has been achieved through an on-going focus by Culina management and staff to a commitment to efficient, safe, and correct driving standards throughout the company’s operation.