Warranty Group says 450 Service Plan champions trained in last 12 months

More than 450 Service Plan dealer "champions" have been trained by The Warranty Group during the last 12 months and are now promoting the product in dealerships.

The champion concept is designed to help dealers fit service plans successfully into their sales processes by creating service plan specialists and has seen increases of up to 400 per cent in some dealerships.

The Warranty Group recently reported that its sales of service plans increased by more than 250% in 2009 year on year - and a strong further rise has already been recorded so far in 2010.

Ian Simpson, sales and marketing director, said: "Service Plans are an excellent product but do not always fit easily into the process that a dealer sales person takes each customer through.

"By training a Service Plan 'champion' in a dealership, we are creating the opportunity to talk to customers about service and maintenance as a separate subject.

"With the training programme now producing champions in large numbers, Service Plans sales are really beginning to take off and are becoming a growing source of dealer profitability in 2010."

Simpson added that the champion concept was a matter of ensuring that the basics were in place for dealers to sell Service Plans successfully.

He explained: "The champion must be confident in selling the product, have the right promotional tools to hand, enjoy the support of dealer management and should be incentivised to the necessary degree."

The Service Plan is a planned servicing product from The Warranty Group that dealers can offer to customers, breaking down the cost of routine car servicing into monthly payments made by direct debit.

A quote for each customer can be generated in a couple of minutes by visiting The Warranty Group's web site based on the length of time they intend to keep the vehicle, ranging from one to six years.

Each Service Plan is based on the manufacturers servicing data and can accommodate any model and manufacturer, with the dealer setting their own prices in areas such as labour rates and oil pricing.

Simpson explained: "For the customer, each Service Plan offers an easy way of budgeting for scheduled servicing costs that is tailored to their exact needs, which is especially attractive in a recession.

"For the dealer, the advantages are numerous. It minimises the chances of losing servicing and therefore other aftersales business to fast fits or independent garages, strengthening their link to the customer."

The Warranty Group has 13 million live warranties in the UK and is a leading provider in the motor industry of warranty products including GAP insurance and extended service plans.

About The Warranty Group

The Warranty Group, formerly known as Aon Warranty Group, is the world's largest single-source provider of extended warranty solutions. With more than 40 years in the warranty business, The Warranty Group provides complete underwriting, administration and marketing services, delivering industry leading efficiency and enhanced returns.

Unlike most warranty companies, The Warranty Group owns the underlying insurance entity, providing superlative financial stability and assuring business continuity and customer confidence. With ownership of one of the world's largest databases on a broad range of goods, realistic and competitive pricing models drive higher uptake whilst enhancing customer loyalty.