Smartstak a division of Loadhog Limited continues to fly with Queen s Award

Sheffield-based Smartstak, a division of the supply chain innovator Loadhog Limited, has won a 2009 Queen's Award for innovation for its revolutionary glass bottle transportation and storage system.

Launched in 2007, the patented Smartstak System comprises an injection moulded, waved edge layer pad and a spring loaded Smartframe which work together to prevent the collapse of bottle packs during transportation or storage.

By understanding problems faced by the glass bottling industry with load collapses, Loadhog's in house Ideas and Innovation team have been able to develop an innovative, patented, world class product which is securing increasing orders in both the UK and Australia.

Smartstak is currently transporting more than 850 million bottles annually, delivering significantly reduced breakages, improved trailer fill and cost reductions to its customer base.

Dave Arthur, operations manager of Smartstak, said: "We are extremely proud to have received this wonderful accolade which is a testimony to the professionalism of our design and manufacturing staff and to the faith shown in the system by our customers and their supply chains."