New Yale Order Pickers that can also load lorries

New Yale Order Picker that can also load lorries
New Yale Order Picker that can also load lorries

Yale Lift Truck Technologies has added an order picket pallet truck to its line-up of flexible warehouse equipment. The new solution, which previewed at LogiMAT 2024, is designed to help dynamic warehouse and intralogistics operations optimise order picking efficiency, while helping to reduce costs for applications which also need to load and unload lorries.

“Warehouses are having to find ways to pick more orders, more efficiently, not least because the retail and eCommerce industries continue to boom,” says Monica Radavelli, Product Manager for Yale Lift Truck Technologies. “Rethinking equipment fleets, and how they are used, presents a great opportunity for intralogistics operations to meet picking deadlines while navigating mounting costs.”

“The new Yale order picket pallet truck is a multi-purpose solution that gives businesses more flexibility. It can reduce the number of trucks needed in a warehouse, and helps speed up certain operations,” Monica continues.

The Yale MO20-30X series trucks, which lift from two to three tonnes, provide many of the typical functions of a traditional Yale low level order picker but with added agility to load and unload lorries. This is thanks to smart design which puts operators in a different position and includes improved ground clearance, allowing the truck to work on ramps.

With this new Yale solution, orders can be picked and then driven directly onto a lorry. As loads do not need transferring between trucks, this saves time, and can help reduce the number of trucks needed in a mixed operation, helping control costs. Different fork lengths and heights, alongside various driving modes further support flexibility.

To empower operators to work efficiently, the design of the new order picker pallet truck also focuses on ergonomics. The operator can enjoy a comfortable position on a large platform which is positioned to give an optimum view of the warehouse environment during every journey. Adjustable scooter control allows operators to easily adjust the height to their preference, and the tiller head design offers ease of operation.

“We know that to meet the requirements of different intralogistics environments, it is essential that the new order picker pallet truck offers a wide range of options,” explains Monica. “For example, it can be specified with the Yale Smart Lift™ feature. This enables the operator to lift loads and start transporting the pallet before it is at full lift. Newer operators often find this a really helpful addition that supports productivity.”

Other options available include a new operator compartment design with the battery and the motor compartment behind the operator (who drives with the forks trailing). To further enhance the operator experience, there is also a choice of integrated lights, ergonomic handles with lifting/lowering auxiliary buttons to facilitate pallet handling when loading a lorry, and a model suitable for operation in cold stores.

The Yale Vision telematics system is also available, to help warehouses manage their fleet, optimise how trucks are utilised, and anticipate maintenance requirements. Alongside the support of the network of independent local Yale dealers, this can help boost uptime and support fast-paced intralogistics operations to keep up with demand.

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