Geo2 routes for the planet by transforming delivery

Geo2 routes for the planet by transforming delivery
Geo2 routes for the planet by transforming delivery

Delivery operations of all sizes can reduce costs and carbon emissions using Geo2, the innovative cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS) and route optimisation software that leads to savings in time, fuel and money

Giving complete visibility of transport operations, Geo2 helps to reduce fuel consumption, increase on-time deliveries and the number of deliveries per route, while failed deliveries can be avoided to reduce returns and complaints. This delivers not only a quick Return on Investment (ROI) but also reduces carbon emissions. Geo2 enables further meaningful steps towards reducing environmental impact through viewing CO2 emissions data to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts and demonstrate environmental commitment to customers and other stakeholders.

Features contributing to a fast ROI include: Dynamic Load Building, Geo Coding, Automatic Invoicing, Order and Delivery Management, Reporting and Analytics and Strategic Modelling. Being web-based means there’s no installation required or expensive set up costs. A suitable device, a log-in and Internet access is all that’s required to manage an entire delivery operation.

Route planning includes priority scheduling, adding multiple drops and scheduling by capacity, all while being able to create an unlimited amount of routes per month. It allows drivers to make more deliveries in less time, cutting fuel consumption and saving money.

Live tracking enables the location of drivers to be monitored in real time. In the event of any issues, routes can be amended or new schedules assigned to support higher levels of customer service – the same tracking visibility can be provided to customers.

The reporting and analytics functionality in Geo2 harnesses real-time data to monitor key metrics and gain valuable insights. Load analytics allow the optimal allocation of resources, reducing operational costs and missed deadlines, helping to increase customer satisfaction. A clear understanding of the weight and volume capacity of the fleet avoids the overloading or under-utilisation of vehicles, resulting in reduced fuel costs and the maximisation of vehicle lifespan.

Geo2 has an iOS and Android mobile app, which can be used alongside the web platform or as a standalone app for independent drivers, meaning the benefits of Geo2 can be experienced by everyone. Drivers can see their route overview and a list of stops, with live ETAs. They can quickly identify and confirm the correct packages for delivery and then create electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). Using the functionality of their smart device, drivers can scan barcodes, take photographs, record delivery notes, capture signatures, register date and timestamps, and use GPS to accurately evidence the delivery location. The app can also be used to ensure drivers perform regular vehicle walkaround checks and allows them to report any defects to reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

Designed for any delivery operation

Geo2 helps distributors with their own fleets deliver goods to buyers quickly and cost-effectively, while improving key logistics metrics. The scaleable and future-proof solution facilitates bringing in more drivers to support growth. Easy integration with ERP and WMS saves time by importing customer and order information directly into Geo2, eliminating manual rekeying and maintaining data accuracy.

For 3PLs and Courier Services, Geo2 helps profit margin growth by minimising the time drivers spend getting to each stop, thus reducing fuel consumption. Drivers can complete more deliveries, more accurately during their shift to produce higher customer service levels. Multiple drivers and routes can be easily managed to maximise the revenue and profit of each delivery.

Independent drivers delivering parcels for one or several companies need to deliver the most parcels in the shortest amount of time, using the quickest and most fuel-efficient routes to maximise their earnings. They can download Geo2 for free, or premium access is available for a small subscription fee.

Josh Podwysocki, Product Owner of Geo2, said: “Geo2 is designed for companies or individuals making deliveries of just about any type of goods, fulfilling our mission of providing ‘routing for the planet’. By making more deliveries, in less time, using less fuel and keeping track of emissions, users can overcome many of the challenges involved in last mile and general B2B delivery – resulting in increased efficiency, greater profitability and improved sustainability. This all combines to help delivery companies provide excellent customer service, putting them ahead of the competition by driving repeat and additional business.”

Geo2 will be making its UK debut on stand 4B10 at the Commercial Vehicle Show, the UK’s most comprehensive road freight transport, distribution, and logistics event, which runs on 23-25 April 2024 at the NEC Birmingham.

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